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From IllogiDictionary, the ABC of the Insane

ZzZzZz? n, adj, dot

  1. An expression of sleep-induced confusion, as in "Francis has been sleeping way too much lately. Now all he ever says is 'ZzZzZz?'"
  1. A mental illness, also known as Zsa-Zsa Syndrome (named after notoriously sleepy actress Zsa Zsa Gabor), which is exactly like autism mixed with brain damage with a sprinkling of a mole on your cheek, except this only functions whilst awake. The sufferer will then act out a normal life as of anyone else in their sleep.
  1. Informal: Insulting adjective used to describe a person one dislikes, usually to describe them as a retard lol, which, while being hideously cruel, also invariably sends the insulter to sleep. As in "That dumb Jack, he's so ZzZzZz? *yawns*"
  1. and 13. Whatever that thing says after adj. Yeah. It's a euphemism.


The surname ZzZzZz? was taken from the adaptation of "Tsar", a Russian leader. When Zsa-Zsa Gabor had a sex change (strangely keeping his/her original name), she/he was known as Tsar Zsa-Zsa, and slept throughout the Russian depression (give them a break, they'd just given birth to Poland and it was post-natal, ok?)


The actual word ZzZzZz? was taken from the Ukranian word "ZsZsZs?" meaning "ZzZzZz?"

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