Diabetic EbolAIDS Canceritis

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Surely one can easily deduce the fact that this is an atrociously horrible combination of diabetes, Ebola, AIDS, cancer, and some swelling condition. That is, if you're the Slightly Below Average Man. If not, well... fnurdle.


Diabetic EbolAIDS Canceritis originated in the depths of User:Fluffy Waffles' basement during a nuclear meltdown caused by the overflow of liquid cats and sjink. Afterward, Chewbacca convinced Han to crash land on Tatooine, which is what introduced the AIDS part.

Symptoms may include: explosive diarrhea, sperm count decrease, a sudden craving for mayonnaise, the idea to DRINK weed which may result your ass cheeks looking like that fat girl from the critically acclaimed film "Bridesmaids". Hello User:Twoandtwoalwaysmakesafive