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Ebay headquarters on a typical Monday evening.

Ebay, or should I say MEBAY!!!!! is an online site for selling illegally acquired cabbage flavored bubblegum.

The cheesecakes don't lie.

Mebay can be found at http://www.ELAJMFSDFMMMMMMKELWAJEPOeuuuuuuu38u.com (the url is significantly shorter than it was in 32111 BC).

History Of Illegally Cabbage Flavored Gum[edit | edit source]

Seriously, do you really expect me to know these things? I'm not an omnipotent British person with infinite knowledge for cryin' out loud. if you really want to know, go Google it yourself. Sheesh, kids these days.

Mebay Rules[edit | edit source]

Even Jesus had an account

There are 3 7 rules on Mebay.

  1. No Shouting
  2. No Running Down the Halls.
  3. Do Your Homework
  4. Give Chuck Norris a Hug Every Time You Go On Mebay