Euripides Pants

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WPWC-N-P-JR? (Whose pants would Cyber ninja pirate Jesus rip)?

Well, did you? Because I'm not going to fix them. No sir, don't believe for a New York minute that I have the spare time in between lolligagging and sauntering to sew up something that has no business being unsown at all. Not whatsoever! I mean, the nerve!

You Pentecostals... you think you're saved? You're as loony as any other religion, so off the top of my head, I'd say... no. Jesus does not love you, get over it.

There is one recluse, living in my basement, with psychic vagabond powers, and he/she advises "Future is not certain". Nice... a magic 8 ball disguised as a Japanese screaming beetle.