Everything you know is wrong

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It's true. Everything you know is wrong. It's a proven fact that this is true and you must realize this before dying, so that Mario will eat you. What your mommy told you about Santa Claus being real, that is wrong. So, you think you're reading an article telling you why everything you know is wrong. Wrong. Actually, you're in your mother's cellar eating Doritos and playing World of Warcraft. So, why is everything you know wrong? Because it is. That's all there is to it. Everything you know is wrong. So, why else is everything you know is wrong? Because it is. Meh, don't you have anything else to do besides look up random crap on Illogicopedia, anyways? You could at least go over to Uncle Pete so he can huff some crap. What I realize from this pithy essay is that everything you know is wrong and everything I know is right. So, meh. That's about it.