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Fbord always felt left out. He was the Evil Robot of the family that got left out of all the Robot games, such as 0110110011101011 and the ever-popular game [insert cable into port 1].

He took his revenge by becoming gay and destroying Jesus.

By 2423, he was no longer Fbord, as Fcord and Fdord had overtaken him in the popularity stakes for 'Who's the Best Evil Robot Clone of them All'?

On June 1 2424, the tally was:

  • Fdord, 240 001 points
  • Fcord, 219 171 points
  • Fnord, 200 818 points
  • F!ord, 167 543 points
  • Fnnord, 126 102 points
  • Fbord, 100 991 points
  • F?ord, 87263 points

So he did it too. In 2425, he was top, with 320 000 points because he destroyed Jesus.

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