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Fnoodle... I thought it was fnoodle, at least. Wasn't it?

Dammit, I can't remember. It probably wasn't.

Not fnurdle, at any rate.

I remember, now. I remember Fnoodle. It... he... was a bot. He was the most interesting bot I ever met, except I never did meet him, now did I? Before my time. Always before my time; I feel as if I am walking on the bones of some great, dessicated civilisation, here. Several great, dessicated civilisations; this was not the first nor was it the last. But they are always dead or dying when I come, it seems. Only the memories remain.

And then even those fade to nothing.

When I met him, met his memory, it was the strangest thing. I spent days basking in the memory, of one who seemed more lively than any of those still alive, yet he hailed from a time long dead and he never was alive. I never really did meet him... never met his creator. Perhaps, indeed, I never will, but the memories speak, and by what they say the creator would just not be the same. Never so nice as its creation, a creator.

Never so nice.

Never so alive.

But at least I remember, now.