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I never got around to finishing User:Flyingidiot/drafts/The_Story_of_John_Carver_and_the_bear,_with_a_beekeeper_thrown_in_for_good_measure, anyone want to take a crack at it?

Also, what happened to the logo?--(ƒî)» 19:22, 11 Serpeniver 2010 (UTC)

No can have collab —rms talk 19:38, 11 Serpeniver 2010 (UTC)
No collab phwoar you, Phlying Ijjut. You're a bad bear. --Galanoth 20:50, 11 Serpeniver 2010 (UTC)
Nope, I can't write worth crap. Really. And the images seem to mostly all be missing. This happened after the server quit responding a few hours ago... ~ Pointy.png *shifty eyes* (talk) • (stalk) -- 20100911 - 20:59 (UTC)
Anal biscuits for you, Athryrairaira, for your name being harder to pronounce than my furry name; Hyrcia Sycetira. --Galanoth 21:00, 11 Serpeniver 2010 (UTC)
Anal biscuits? I'll have you know, though, that athyrium is a kind of fern. Really. So don't butcher it. And yours isn't overly hard to pronounce either, though my name is a goodly bit shorter... ~ Pointy.png *shifty eyes* (talk) • (stalk) -- 20100911 - 21:27 (UTC)