That guy, you know, the one with the stuff, at that place? Yeah, him.

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Clip your clipped clippings in the clip clipping clipper. Ticktick.



“However, there have been many sightings of cats with abnormal appendages including ice-cream cones, buckets and even (though disputed in some scientific circles) water.”

~ Cat

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This user is always up for a collaboration article.

You know where to go. I hope.

  The name's Readmesoon, call me RMS or RimsMeSoon (Thank you Testes) or whatever,
but if there is one thing you must know it is the fact that I like this place and I like writing.
Want to write with me? Just check out the fancy template below. Or above. Or in China.  

Virus Useful Links[edit | edit source]

Critical Acclaim[edit | edit source]

Someone not worth meeting, that's for sure.

Truthful Harsh Critic

I would like him if it weren't for his horrible articles.

—Another Critic

His user page is painfully dull. Cover your childrens' eyes before reading, they'll practically die of boredom.

—More Critics

I cracked up when someone told me this RMS chap got a feature and was slightly respected in the Illogicopedia community, thinking it was crude joke. It wasn't

—A Real Meany head

He may suck, but he isn't as bad as T3canolis.

—A nice Critic

No where near as good as Avatar.

—Another Critic

Photo Ops[edit | edit source]

Testes' Artwork that features Me (maybe)[edit | edit source]

Rms, i guess.PNG
twinkling in the night sky: disco tyme

other crap[edit | edit source]

Great White.jpg
i'm the rope
Peng copy.jpg
located behind the two main penguins, can see hair if using magnifying glass
rather self-explanatory
Freedom grenade.png
i'm from iMerica