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No, seriously, I would like to have a banana split, please.
Another rival contender.

Alright, after heavy discussion on the other topic in the other forum (see above for link), I would want to submit my proposal of having an anime version of Illogicope-tan. If you support, say Yea, if you're against, say Nay, and if in doubt, see the archived page. Joe9320 04:19, 20 Jeremy 2009 (UTC)

UPDATE: I decided that this would be a contest on Illogicopedia's mascot of everything. So the second one will be another contender. Otherwise, we will compromise on the two mascot candidates and create a combination of these two.

Vote here[edit]

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  • For. As I said before, we wanted an anime mascot for the whole of Illogicopedia. Joe9320 04:19, 20 Jeremy 2009 (UTC)
  • Against. I prefer this one. It's more illogical. --I forgot 05:02, 21 Jeremy 2009 (UTC)
  • That anime thing is from wikipedia, I think. It's not random at all. I prefer Illogime.png, it looks funny!--Ben Blade 07:19, 22 Jeremy 2009 (UTC)


Folks, I would like to introduce a compromise. Here you go:

Iirojikope-tan and Illogime compromise.PNG

Tell me, do you like this? Joe9320 02:42, 23 Jeremy 2009 (UTC)

No, I don't. Who the feck are you to go and decide what happens on our wiki? We never wanted a mascot, I believe we were content with our quotepersons. No offence here, buddy ;)--Ben Blade
22:54, 27 Jeremy 2009 (UTC)
This whole mascot idea is arse. --JonTehSexyMofo 20:08, 6 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)
I have ot ally with Jon here, what he may lack in intelligence, he more than makes up for in ghetto booty. But still, where exactly would we use this mascot, the whole idea smacks of fail, no offence, but we don't need a mascot. --TReich (My Bad) 20:29, 6 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)
And anyone who says that bloody 5 year old girl is a suitable mascot is either a gayface, a pedo, or both. Cough. --JonTehSexyMofo 20:41, 6 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)

Ohh ... but she's so CUTE!! ^_^ --Nerd42 17:00, 9 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)

I think the, is relevant since teh logo for teh site is of a ha. Basically, me thinks that the nana is good to go. But me also thinks that some more rival contenders should be dug up or made, to make this thing more interesting. Hey, nothing else is going on on this wiki at the moment! Darkgenome 21:10, 9 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)
Duh, Illogicope-tan is a banana. What more can you say? Joe9320 10:07, 20 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)

yeah i dunno what i can do to try and get things moving again ... I mean there's still alot of fun stuff that can/could be done --Nerd42 16:31, 21 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)

The people have spoken; and by the looks of it it's a no. Try it somewhere else, maybe Conservapedia, ED or Wookiepedia. Basicly we don't need one now or in the near future. Please correct me if i'm wrong!--Ben Blade 23:01, 21 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)
Was that about the mascot idea or the whole site? --Nerd42 18:55, 23 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)
About the mascot, I'm just sick of this endless sheisse about a mascot we mostly don't want!--Ben Blade
19:15, 23 Farbleum 2009 (UTC)