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See here for the main page concerning the parties of the Illogiment, along with the descriptions of the other parties.
Go ahead, you guys.

Uncyc doodle.png
For insanity, comedy, and Uncyclopedia
Leader Joseph the Insane, MP
Founded 2008
Headquarters The Border of Uncyclopedia and Illogicopedia
Political Ideology Insanity, Conservativism
Official deputy Joseph the Insane, MP (again)
Parliamentary colour Blue

“Vote for ILLOGISOC or Die Motherfucker!”

~ P. Diddy on on ILLOGISOC

The Dickhead Party, or ILLOGISOC (ILLOGIcopedian SOCiety) is a Liberal Conservative party that loves war, protects the economy, acted more like the Republicans, but are against prayer on public schools and supports evolution theory. They also support Uncyclopedia, and will help Uncyclopedia in the times of help.


We strive to be like Uncyclopedia, not against it. We also strive to go insane at times.

What we think of other parties[edit]

The other parties HATE Uncyclopedia!


The current leader is Joe the Insane, MP of Border Area of Uncyclopedia and Illogicopedia. To become part of ILLOGISOC, add your name to the list and you're in!


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