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Harold Ault Sphincter (b. 9 Aug 1947), MD., PhD, DVM, WTF.

A distinguished graduate of Failure University, Harry was a well respected proctologist who, nearing the 'end' of his career, ventured into the bowels of freelance journalism, rooting deeply to find stories where other writers feared to look.

He is perhaps best known for his probing work for the acclaimed newspaper The Chihuahua Provincial Examiner, where he snuck in the back door after repeatedly being denied entry, by way of his slippery handiwork and forceful influence.

He rather bluntly acknowledges some of his earlier work as "crappy", but his sheer dedication to the task at hand has delivered firm and regular output in recent years.

Among his delving exposés: Lobe's brain-dead first album, Stench's Contractual Obligation Album, and To Be Announced's never-released live album (never published).

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