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Ew... that's disgusting. I'll still eat it though. Wait, did i say dough? That surely isn't dough. That's bread....or was bread made from dough?

So that could technically be it couldn't. It was dough, but isn't currently dough....why am i getting so hyped up over dough?

Wait, this isn't dough, so why am i getting so hyped up over bread? Or previously dough? Or shut up. JUST LET ME EAT IT FIRST AND TASTE IT THEN WE SHALL SEE.

That previous sentence should've had like a few commas, like as in Just let me eat it first and taste it, then we shall see. One comma. You should've added "what we shall see" on the end, as in THEN WE SHALL SEE WHAT WE SHALL SEE. Cool beans, eh?

Anyway back to tasting, eating, and dough bread. I pick it up and bite into the doughy goodness....but it's not dough, it's bread. Which was previously dough. SHUT UP! I haven't finished tasting it. The flavour comes into my mouth, tastes so much like arsenic....mmm arsenic.

DOUGH! No, i meant d'oh as Homer Simpson says it, then i would have been "Technically correct" except that being "technically correct" doesn't exist, because that means your grammar sucks. Am i technically correct??? Whatever.

The arsenic flows into my mouth and i choke blood. No, i meant to say Choke out blood, or choke on blood, but not choke blood. Or i could've said the blood choked me.

BUT NOWS NOT THE TIME FOR THAT. MAYBE LATER!!! which will come soon as later eventually will become now, right?? So shut up. The blood did not choke me, but i did not choke the blood.

Paradox. No really, that was a lie. But the bread paradox....that requires some thought. Thought is like a train, hence the "train of thought". That's what i had always thought. Okay, you're not funny anymore.

Conclusion: I died of loss of blood. All for being technically correct about bread paradoxes that require thought, i thought. With one comma.