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This cat knows nothing of grammer. Accept it and go on.

Grammer is a word used the world over by people correcting grammar without the added benefit of knowing how to spell it. If you see somebody using the word grammer send them a curt facepalm and in due course shun them. Shun them all!

Examples[edit | edit source]

omg ur grammer is just sooooooooo bad omg wtf color isnt spelt colour with a u. u suck lols

~ Head desk

“Just your friendly neighbourhood grammer nazi fixing your bad grammer.”

~ Most grammar nazis ever


~ Angry grammar nazi

Homonyms[edit | edit source]

Grammer can also refer to a female zeroth order cousin two generations removed.

For example, "Me grammer came t' the shack today but me dad saw 'er comin so we's hid ahind the rose bushes till she guv up 'n left. He don' like 'er none, not much. Sez she gon bad ever since she done married that rev'noor after me gramper got et by that bare."

Grammer can also be used as a comparative, to indicate the relative degree of grammness of two or more items.

For example, "Th' gramm crackers in the blue box are way more yummable than them ones in the white box w' the green stripe, 'cuz they're way grammer. Bare's like 'um too. Me mum sez that's why th' bare et Gramper, 'cuz he had a bag uv 'em hid in 'is shirt, hid 'cuz, y' know, he, like, dint want th' shop clerk t' like see 'um 'n all."

Grammer in Merka[edit | edit source]

In Merka, we'us don't cotton to no sons-o-biches what thinkin thay maybe more than smarta than we'uns. Don't be disparagin our preziden what made all them good decishuns to make war on them sons-o-biches what blowed up them thar taars, even tho they waz in New Yorck, en all them Juze en commies en fals Krischian ideeologies what made em all minynuns of Stan Satin... why it jes makes me so mad!

Grammer in Nihon[edit | edit source]

In Japan, you spik berry gude engrich.