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“Editing Illogicopedia is like taking a picture of yourself nude whilst falling to your horrible grizzily death. And what I mean by that is that Falling to your death whilst nude and illogicopedia both have one thing in common - you have to say cheese.”

~ Francis E. Dec on on the intricacies of illogicopedia's cheese-like anatomy

If one day for some reason you inexplicably decide to edit Illogicopedia you are faced with a challenging and bamboozling task. Responsible parents frown upon the practice for its known dangers. If done in small doses it can result in a heightened state of awareness and the growth of bodily hair. If taken in excess insanity and the transformation into a were-editor will ensue. It is thought the admins were set apart from other users as werewolves instead because they were hugging dogs as they overdosed on Illogicopedia. This strangely gave them added powers such as deletion, protection and wolfishly sharp teeth.

Editing Illogicopedia, though complex and difficult, is really easy, if you follow my step by step guide below:[edit]

  • Press down on your mouse hard. This should have killed the little rodent preventing risks such as tetanus and mouse droppings on your mousepad.
  • Remove all your clothes.
  • Turn on your webcam.
  • Give the exhausted computer a drink, just pour it in the disc drive.
  • Throw your computer into the air directly above you (don't worry it's a cartoon).
  • Dive head first into your computer screen - make sure the mains is on at a lethal voltage, otherwise it will not work.
  • Attempt to hitchhike with passing pop-ups to get to illogicopedia.
  • Wipe your feet on the Illogicopedian doormat.
  • Throw things at articles you don't like.
  • Run like hell as the admins chase you off of the site whilst using outdated euphenisms.

You by now have created undoubtedly the best existing article ever. Can I have your autograph?

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