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Illogicopedia is always in need of new users, and a great way to find them is to get your real-life friends to join. This process is anything but simple, but don't worry; this guide will help you along.

The Choice[edit]

Find a friend who is a good enough writer to not anger the entire community with poorly constructed sentences and funny enough to make a page worth reading. This friend also has to be close enough with you to tolerate the repeated pesterings about the site that they are due to receive from you. You must trust them enough to leave them to their own devices on a site you both cherish and love. This may be one of the most difficult parts of the process, except for the more difficult ones.

The Ask[edit]

Going up to a friend and blurting out, "Do you want to join this humor wiki I'm on?" is not an ideal method. In fact, it has worked zero out of the one times I've tried it. A better approach is more subtle. Send them some articles you have written, and then some that others have written. Then, slip in, "You know, the site is looking for more users if you'd care to join." They will resist slightly, citing time constraints or thoughts of not-liking-it-very-much. Persevere. Repeatedly bring up Illogicopedia in every conversation you have with them. They will become so sick of it, they will have to join.

The Teaching[edit]

If your friends are anything like mine, they know nothing about wiki coding. That's not exactly something that they teach you in grade school. Because of this, your friends will struggle to write anything good, and most of their articles will come out something like this sans the photo I added in later. A disjointed mess of thoughts with no formatting and horrible structure. No matter. Clean up their articles as they go. Eventually, they may pick up some pointers, much like you did, back in your day.

The Results[edit]

It was a sad day for all T3canolises involved.

Hopefully, your friends will manage to put together a feature or two, but that's pretty unlikely. What's more likely is that they quit after about a day. Alternatively, they may do some okay things and then get angry at an admin, and vandalize the site. That happens, too.

"Success" Stories[edit]

Not Success Stories[edit]

I'm Not Currently in the Process of Recruiting Anyone.[edit]

So if I just sent you this article, that's not what it means.

That would just be weird.