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The prestigious art of kicking someone's teeph in was invented on Arche 12, 1823 by John Smith in London, France. On this day it seems he had large amounts of Chi in his blood and used it to kicked the nearest idiot's teeph in. Little did he know the impact on the world that this fateful day would have.




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Step 1. Start by taking steroids at the age of five until you are at least 18.
Step 2. Find a opponent whose teeph you think you are capable of kicking in.
Step 3. Lift your leg.
Step 4. Bend your knee.
Step 5. Aim directly for your opponents teeph.
Step 6. Thrust your leg forward into your opponents teeph using the power of Chi.


  1. If all else fails just go play in traffic.
  2. If this still doesn't work just lay on a desk like a beached whale.
  3. Make sure after you find your opponent to say "Whad you say? I'll kick your teeph in foo'" and then follow steps 3 through 6.


  1. You may hurt your feet in the process. If so contact a Doktor immediately.
  2. If you fail in kicking your opponents teeph in just knock them out in one punch.