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Hull (Pronounced 'Ull) is a city in East Yoooorkshire. It is globally notorious for it's amount of council houses, drug dealers and users, chavs, gypsys, whiny old Hullmen and prostitutes. It is confirmed by the council also that you have a 511% chance of getting mugged or pickpocketed in Hull (on a good day).

History[edit | edit source]

It is was a port. They deported stuff with boats to foreign places such as that London. But when all the sailors got stoned, their industry collapsed. Thus, Hull is now a even larger craphole. To try and create a economy, the 1970's council saw many houses built. Thatcher's government helped these houses create accommodation for chavs and mentally ill people. Most of these houses still contain the same people who lived there 20 years ago; Hull is absent to the motion of 'change'.

Housing[edit | edit source]

In Hull, there are three choices of accommodation. They are council housing, city centre bins and public toilets. Each of them has their downsides: they are all in 'Ull.

Unfortunately, public toilets are becoming increasingly rare. Mind you, pissing in your car is common practise in 'Ull.

Tourism[edit | edit source]

Hull has a thriving tourism industry. This is due to most visitors to the city are stabbed by locals before they can leave. Another contributor is incoming sailors who get pissed and sink their boats in their sexually themed rage so they can't leave. The Deep is a aquarium where they drown underwater smackheads and sluts. This is a popularly visited venue, as the locals often play the game of 'spot your relative'. Of course, this natural incest of people in this area ends with this game lasting years to complete. You can also enjoy committing suicide off the Humber bridge. The Bad news - It costs £5.00 to get across that bridge. Think of America's Golden Gate but with ancient out of license Skodas and the stink of rotten flesh.

Sport[edit | edit source]

Sport is popular among 'Ullmen. They have a Premier League team, Hull F.C, who have a habit of looking good, then turning lame but then magicaly being decent again. Often 'Ull fans claim 'We're the biggest team in Yooorkshire'! but make up for their poor peformance in which they get overtaken by another regional team by claiming 'We're not really in Yooorkshire anyway'. Other sports include playing chicken with the train, mug the pedestrian and smash up a bus shelter.