I'm a Illogicopedian, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

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“Finally, a way to reinvent myself”

~ A Washed-Up User of Past Forgotten Glories

“What do you mean we can't pen policy pages on this island?”

“I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm disappointed it's just a bunch of dudes here.”

“There's no way I'm giving up my rights for this.”

“No, I did not prepare a bolognese out of your turtle's freshly laid eggs, because contrary to popular belief, I actually prefer moon-shaped pools of dog blood in my mousse.”

“This will be a great way for my fellow Illogicopedians to see how cool I am in real life”

“They never said you had to be a relevant Illogicopedian!”


“On day five on the island, a former vandal destroyed their camp.”

~ Announcer guy

“I'm a Illogicopedian, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!”

~ An Illogicopedian

Note: This is not a real page for a Illogicopedia reality show. Do not create a competition around this page. We had Big Brrother instead.