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Illogicute (verp)

  1. To blather on at length about that which makes little or no sense.
  2. A word invented to describe the process of creating, or the publication of, work which is illogical and long enough to be classified as an Illogicopedia Epic.
  3. A lengthy, bong-hit inspired soliloquy or rant punctuated by giggles, snorts, guffaws and bleats.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  1. "As the lecture on quantum chromodynamics wore on, the tone drifted from elocution to illogicution, rendering the whole lesson plan bat shit crazy."
  2. "Fonchezzz has obviously mastered the art of illogicution, as evidenced by his epic quack delivery of Cranch."
  3. "*pfffft on planet Gazorpazorp, googleplexclopses outnumber themselves eight to one, rendering them undrawable, and therefore, equivalent to Muhammad… HAH! HAH HAH! HAH! hee hee hee, heh heh HAH! heh heh heh... can't... breathe..."

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