IllogiMusic:Anything is possible

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Dude, I ain't a scene kid. Yet.
Every morning I look kinda Asian but I have this weird Southern accent
Whoa oh!
And then I give music lessons (or whatever it is I'm supposed to do on this show)
I'm not sure, now I think I'll read a book by the lake or something...
Whoa oh!
I think it may have been about persimmons...
Yes I believe that anything is possible!
Aaeuioaeuaoieaoea unstoppable!
Something about being confident and determined and such!
Come on and say it now, anything is possible!
Aeoeeoieueoueoeiue any obstacle!
Now I'm gonna sing a bunch of nonsense in AutoTune!
Eh eh, eh, aaeuaoieuaoieuaoea, ah ah, ah, anythingispossible.exe