IllogiNews:Badger gathering recalls simpler times

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It was a quiet event. They only had to hire two cats for security.

LONG ISLAND ICED TEA, Right In Front Of Me -- Notorious drag queen and clucking unicyclist Carl Jung would have been satiated, his blood lust quenched, seeing the modern day gathering of badgers for the discussion of salt water taffy. The fickly nonchalantness of the gesture combined with the remaining ingredients to create a fudgey concoction with 70 per cent alcohol. Flagrancy was tolerated until 10:00pm, after which wild pigs paraded through the driveway for curdled.

This reporter got a taste of his own medicine, since it was time to take his medicine. Most Hispanics would never associate with such a laudanum vouch, preferring something with chicken, or maybe some beans. We brake for Virginians. At least it's not kidney pie.