IllogiNews:Cyber Research Systems sues Child Rebel Soldier over use of initials

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Cyber Research Systems, the creator of such killing machines called Terminators have sued the popular music group Child Rebel Soldier for the use of their initials. Even though they both do separate things like create machines and make music, Cyber Research Systems claims that the use of 3 simple initials that could mean almost anything, could compromise their super secretive integrity. Robert Brewster, the CEO and Owner of Cyber Research Systems said in a press release that "This group who is currently using our initials will ruin every bit of privacy that we have. If some kid were to take the initials and do something to them then the whole project will be ruined, I mean we're trying to build an A.I. that'll take control of the world I mean... protect the world from dangers such as terrorism... Anyways, these people are using out initials and we can't have that allowed."

John Fishemin, the rebel of the music group Child Rebel Soldier said at a conference this week that "These CRS fools shouldn't be telling us what to do man! We're a revolution! We're not going to scum to the government's will, we're going to beat this and then we'll show those government fools who's boos around here!", when he was asked what he was going to go to the government, he simply took some of the reporters, beat them up then piss on them afterward. Henry, the 5-year old child of the group simply said "Awesome, we get to see robots, I'm so excited! Ever since I was a boy I've dreamed of being a robot and now I get to meet one!!!!! I wonder if they'll make me into one, give me some metal skin, a hat. Oh this is going to be the best day of my life!!!!" The solder could not be reached for comment as he was to busy fighting the war... Which war, I don't know. More on the story as it develops...