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“Oh, Quagmire!”

~ Barry Manilow
This article was written by celebrity guest writer Mr. M. Boosh, yo.

  This article is about Iraq, please do not shout otherwise you will be executed excited  
"Saddam, this is not the time for your rendition of 'Tambourine Man'".

The Land of Weapons of Mass Destruction aka Iraq is a smallish country which was recently liberted from the scrooge of Saddam Hussein following a war fought by America and its allies. This was to liberate the people of Iraq and ensure the safety of the Kurds, the Shiites and the Israelis after Saddam Hussein refused to allow the United Nations to check for Weapons of Mass Destruction. This war saved the free world from this tyrant and his plans to destroy it with Weapons of Mass Destruction however none were found following the war. Nevertheless the Americans took the sage precaution of arresting Saddam Hussein and handing him to an Iraqi court for trial for one of his numerous crimes, lest he do something like 9/11 again. He was convicted, sentenced to death by hanging and subsquently executed.

However, the spirit of Saddam Hussein lives on. As a result there is a large scale insurgency going on in the country, perputrated not only by pro-Saddam Sunnis but also by Islamic State and Shiite insurgents, who are all fighting for their causes against us and the Iraqi government. This means that in Iraq which is a smallish country der is a war goin on in and the Iraqi government, its security forces and the United States are all fighting for liberty an justice an' shit like dat, lol

National anthem[edit | edit source]

This iz da national
Anthem o iraq! BARK BARK BARK
Do eeh doo ehhh do eee do eee dooo deeee uh bu uh
Bu uh bu uh bu uh booo booooo boooooo

At the moment[edit | edit source]

We are fighting a huge war against those Iraqienz! They, like supporting world terrorism and shit like that. Stop it you lot!

I like the Scottish regiment out there, cos they get to wear kilts while shootin' lol, an shit like dat, lol. But, still if you get any Taliban in your hole then clean your hole out. With your finger. On a tree. Hole. B?

TALIBANNORAMA![edit | edit source]

The Taliban and der muhadgedin are well cool! They have like turbanz on and dey like to shoot things and things like that well cool! I fancy them and I might aswell fancy myself seeing as a like ak47s. Liquid failure, ooooh pee.

Ekewayzun[edit | edit source]

dubble trubble.

World's view on Iraq[edit | edit source]

“We are not to bovvered yar? Got any male rent boys or summent? I'm Dutch!?”

~ Dootch on being gay

“Where Saddam used to keep his CDs. Heh heh heh heh heh heh.”

~ George Bush on on Iraq

Trouble for luvvle brubble OH PREE?

S'y ahso[edit | edit source]