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The Danes are desperate to avoid this situation.

STIMMELBADGESCHIESSENFARBENNACHEINMALJUNGER, Germany (Prusso-Danish border) -- The English love their football, the Scots love their drink, the Chinese love their opium dens, and the Danes love to kill babies. This, according to famed American economist and Danish expert Kurt P. McTarnish. At a hastily compiled press conference during half time at a Knicks game last week, McTarnish announced to the world his allegience to the neo-Feminism movement, all the while applying lip balm to his nipples and elbows and sitting on a propane-powered forklift truck.

The White House was quick to respond with a salvo of owls, followed by an impromptu tirade by behind-the-scenes evil munchkin Karl Rove against foreign influence on urine sampling. He was said to have said, "if I have to go one more day waiting for the results of my bloodwork, I will cast an evil eye towards the nurses... especially the one that keeps tying me to this bed!"

Meanwhile, improved relations between Croatia and six kilograms of Marmite have paved the way for the adoption of NetBeans as the beans of choice in their Chile. An agreement was hammered out to add a dash of dark curry powder before reheating the chili, in order to preserve the integrity of the South American nation's banana troves.