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Loopy de Loop
Once popular among Canadians, he now sells tools at wholesale prices.
Conservation Status
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Bob
Order 2033
Family Oxen
Genus Cancelled
Species Z. Kunker Frenche
Weight 1.5 - 20kg. (avg)
Length 0.5 - 3meters
Binomial Name
Zealous Kunker

Loopy de Loop is a French-Canadian Wolf...a Triple-Whammy for many! He's sometimes known as a clone of Pepe le Pew. Beginnings

Loopy de Loop was born in 1940 by two wolves named Romules and Remus while in Paris, France. Hitler would take Loopy for his own dog, but since he found out that he was a wolf...he sent him to Canada!

While growing up, Loopy adored butterflies, bunnies, and even people (something like "Dances With Wolves") his parents thought he was Loopy so they called him Loopy de Loop. Claim to Obscurity

In 1957, Loopy de Loop would go to Hollywood and would try to get work in the movies. He worked with Woody Woodpecker, but Walter Lantz found out that Loopy only spoke French! In 1958, Loopy would try to work for Disney, but he went off-script and Disney actually hated French people! So Loopy went to Acme Looniversity and would graduate in 1959. The same year, Hanna-Barbera would hire Loopy to be in a few theatrical cartoons since Tom and Jerry went to Eastern Europe at the time.

Loopy worked for Hanna-Barbera until 1965 when Hanna-Barbera would lay-off Loopy since they had no interest in many theatrical cartoons. So Loopy became a session musician for Phil Spector and The Beach Boys (especially for the "Pet Sounds" and "SMiLE" sessions), but in 1967 Loopy would leave for England with The Caballeros and Jimi Hendrix hoping he could try and get fame over there. Though he did get a role in "Casino Royale" and was a session musician for many British musicians especially The Beatles, he fell more into obsucrity. Later years

After being a hippie through the 60's by supporting what's right (like no war) Loopy was ridiculed in Altamont by The Rolling Stones for causing the whole hippie stuff. So in 1970, Loopy lived with Donald Duck and Orson T. Pig throughout the 70's and ate nothing but watermelons. Yogi Bear tried to get Loopy to host the 1972 Olympics, but was disqualified for being 300 pounds. Loopy also saw the massacre of his friends and he fell more into depression, so he joined the Democratic Party to support the anti-Nixon campaign since he was on Richard Nixon's enemies list.

For awhile, Loopy would work at the mall as a chef at the cafeteria. Though he's a vegan (not by choice since he's lactose intolerant) he still served meat. Loopy supported all the left-wing groups in America as well as reading Orson's books. It wouldn't be until 1990 when he would come back and work for Hanna-Barbera in the show "Yo Yogi"! His cartoons are now seen to many who have Boomerang and supported the Quebec Nordquines until they moved to Denver in 1995. He still hopes for a new team to be in Quebec City.

Today, Loopy de Loop lives in Bertstown as a chef at the Cathedral Community College.