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"Affect the Effect (Much to my Chagrin)" by T3canolis[edit | edit source]

There was once a bagel
Which contained power and might
It attracted many people
Because it shined so bright
The bagel possessed a curse
One from centuries ago
That unleashed a terrible punishment
A fate that very few know
The bagel also was good
For it gave remarkable ability
Of strength and speed
Endurance and agility
One might considered it a blessing
Until a further inspection
When they learned the truth
That it shows no love or affection
It tricks people into using
By promising superpowers and such
It fulfills their wishes
But it doesn't really do much
It convinces them they are strong
Like a superhero from a comic
That their whole being is changed
All the way down, subatomic
Then the bagel strikes down
Surprising the owner extremely
The bagel cuts a massive wound
And boy, the bagel cuts deeply
It doesn't hurt you physically
It has another trick up its sleeve
It resigns you to be in a place
A place that you cannot leave
You're forced to work often
And you contribute only through fear
You tell yourself to keep going
Because you think the end is near
The place is so frightening
Beyond a description
Inhabitants horrid
Beyond an encryption
You become trapped on a website
On which you're reading
No escape from edits
No break you've been needing
No elaborate escape plan
Illogic is reality
So if you see a shining bagel
Just hope that you have wheat allergy

Comments: My bad for having the same format two poems in a row. Mah bad.