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Absolutely nothing to do with bananas, I'm afraid.

The Illogicomedia Foundation is the non-profitable organization that operates Illogicopedia, the nonsense encyclopedia. It was created to manage the operation of the Illogicopedia wiki and its sister projects, and to give users somewhere to go when Roberto (a rather capricious file server) has his shorts in a knot.

The Foundation was founded by Cluck Loonie in the year Buckauwk, then lost, then found again sometime circa 2011. Since then (and possibly before) Illogicopedia's users have created, then alternately maintained and neglected many projects under the glorious banner of Illogicomedia.

Based in Illogicopolis, Illinois, the Illogicomedia Foundation is a frequently-audited, non-registerable charity case that is funded primarily through can and bottle recycling, bloodmobile donations, and money we find under the sofa cushions in strangers' homes.

According to comScore Media Metrix, Illogicopedia and the other projects operated by the Illogicomedia Foundation receive more than 30 unique visitors per month, making them the 4,285,193rd most popular web property worldwide (current to January 2013).

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