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The art of qublishing is one of the most important innovations and cultural exports of Illogiland. It is a fairly low-key activity, properly described in lowercase terms: look at the letters 'q' and 'b', and consider their union into one symbol, the Illogicopedia logo. When things are qublished, those who look for them in publications find them to be missing; that which is qublished can instead be found within, at least for a time. After a time, those who have qublished things may end up passing muster.

A common myth is that it's most common to qublish things not suitable for publication, though it's more often the case that things not suitable for qublication tend to be published. A lack of qublishing activity has been a common cause of intellectual starvation through much of human history, a problem Illogicopedia has become uniquely positioned to try to solve as a pioneer in the area. It helps that producing and qublishing materials is the best way to satisfy one's intellectual appetites.

Important distinction[edit]

Qublishing is not to be confused with the dog eating your homework. However, if the dog eats its own homework, it may count as the dog having qublished it.