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The Illogicopedia Nose Collection is a series of composite articles comprising content generally accepted as within the site's guidelines (and in some cases, funny), but nonetheless deemed unworthy of a page of its own. Instead of being deleted from the wiki, that content is moved to the current Nose Collection page in the spirit of Wikipedia's obsolete Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense pages.

It is comparable to THE LAZER COLLECTOIN. I guess. Google it.

Nose Collections[edit | edit source]

The current collection for adding new content is the last in the list above.

Please feel free to add tasteful-enough spamming, or suitable morsels of it, to that page. Or to start a fresh nasal chapter if that smells better.

The Illogicopedia Nose Collection series

The Original Nose Collection  •  Nose Collection II: The Spamming
Nose Collection III: Yet more immigration-related drivel