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The Illogicopedia Nose Collection series

The Original Nose Collection  •  Nose Collection II: The Spamming

Heh. Nice.[edit]

Do you appreciate my short gospel

A joke for you! What goes Ho, Ho, Swoosh, Ho, Ho, Swoosh? Santa caught in a revolving door!

Another joke: WNBA!!!!

Even another joke: Federal bailouts!

Yet another joke: England!


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Birthday gift.

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Best reviews of the day about Depression, Essay on teen depression, Depression help ways and Major depression symptoms.



~ Instructor on on gurgling

Gurggles are funny they gurggle and rip off Google! Yay!


Worms are species of bananas that are purple and eat froggers. The most common type of worm is the Piggaldosaurus worm, that only eats farting froggers. Worms also eat peas. The eat blue peas, yellow peas, and farting ultraness peas.

Moon Cheese[edit]

Moon cheese is cheese. From The moon. Which is in the sky. It smells like pencil shavings. From a pencil. It tastes like cheese. Cheese from the moon.

Image talk:Illogime.png[edit]

We wen to conscious of The Hangover this weekend! Had to allow tickets recompense 12 am steer! since the motion picture theater was up to there! THis was from the producers of the OLDSCHOLL and they did it again LOVED IT!

Huge spam collection[edit]

See this page for a bumper collection of spambot messages.