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The Illogicopedia Nose Collection series

The Original Nose Collection  •  Nose Collection II: The Spamming
Nose Collection III: Yet more immigration-related drivel

25348123547862351 Day[edit | edit source]

At 3:00, run around yelling 25348123547862351! This will mould the bread, so at 5:43 you pop someone's pants and scream like a big hairy woman. At this point you will transform to a flibberygibbit! Happy 25348123547862351 day!

Banana guns[edit | edit source]

The quantum banana theory states that all equal bananas can be warped by quantum forces of insanity and Illogicpedia. Banana guns are popular weapons because they don't do anything. Idiots are quick to fire these at people they find disturbing. Do not actually fire a banana gun. Nothing will happen. Unless you're Jar Jar.

Pink unicorns[edit | edit source]

Pink unicorns last forever. Your ship from Sirius to United States is leaving in 15 minutes.

Elephants[edit | edit source]

  For you archaeological types who wish to collect elephants but are too woosy to actually kill the fiends we have a small supply of Ceremonial elephants  


Elephants are a type of mutant spiders that came from the sun. They like to have beer on a friday night and often are often scene watching Star Wars Episode VIIIIIIIIIIII an old hope.

Neocon[edit | edit source]

FEEEL THE POWA OF 666.333 X 38F!iN THE mighty superpower cow the world eats chicken and develops bacon!

182[edit | edit source]

182 is an almost interesting number made up of the number 1, the number 8 and the number 2. Hey, I know its hard but its always difficult the first time. you may be interested to know that if you look at the number 182 upside down it looks like a nude woman taking crack nah I'm just fucking with you. 182 has no use. this is a random article, please stay well clear of it BUT if you insist on staying i will have no choice but to show you some 'cough' 'splutter' interesting 'cough' 'splutter' facts about it. The number 182 has long since been debated as to whether it is a random number

Interesting facts about 182[edit | edit source]

  1. It is a number
  2. It is a number
  3. George Bush is Gay
  4. It is a number
  5. It is a number
  6. It is a number

Is 182 a Random number?[edit | edit source]

For: For fucks sake look at it


Is 182 a Number[edit | edit source]

For: is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is

Against:not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not

Ha ha! Success![edit | edit source]

Yesss! I win, uhuh, I win! Do I win... An ipod? Or... A box? Yes yes, A box is a fine prize. I like mine nice and soggy~! Could you do thet? PLEEEEEEEAAASE? Okay I'll just have the ipod then. *grumbles* I wanted my box. ipods suck compared to soggy boxes.

What I suceeded in[edit | edit source]

I'm not sure. Mr. Teaparty bear, do you know? NO I DID NOT SUCEED IN THAT!!! Okay smartypants, how do I know I didn't do that?! BECAUSE I KICKED A SQUIRRREL, THAT'S WHY!!! Oh, so now you say I just asked you if you knew?! WELL I DON'T LIKE YOUR LIES, GOODBYE TO--- Wait you're right. Ah, whatever.

This is not an artical[edit | edit source]

Wrong. This 98 is a `. We mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkkk To cupcake are way to cheese !!

239 URINE! nononononoononononnoonononon

Blatant Hazard chip sandwichton. Gah!

Doodled the oodles of noodles?


This program is not responding

Whould you like to mexicans like pie? Ist.22@@@@@@@@2000098 PORNPROJN

yes please. My dog is ready. Perchinggggg!

Ooh, ook, koo koo katchoo! Bless you.

198 bottles hanging on the ball. And if one bluebottle should accidentally crawl...

Schools[edit | edit source]

oh god, not school! it's summertime! how can you do this to me?!?!? SUMMER? SCHOOL? SKUMMER? SKINNNNEEEEEEEEER! Yes sir? Stfu, you imbecile!

SDGbk235[edit | edit source]

SDGbk235 was born December 12, 1991. It grew up with it's parents, XBF4fd and b64w until SDGbk235 was sixteen, then he moved out. And then he got hit by a truck LOL @ HIM


Cubby[edit | edit source]

An sane hloe as a puppy frog warrior used to fight crime [1] click that thing to see it

Spam (food)[edit | edit source]

Spam is really salty and is made of 2 cups of ducks, a horse leg, a stick of RAM, and a bajillion gallons of salt. SALTSALTSALTSALTSALTSALTSALTSALT.


Salt was founded in a tree somewhere in Siberia. in 1776, while the Declaration of Independence was being signed, bunch of salt was fed to SHAMOO. This explains why UPS only delivers on business days. Whoops that was 3 sentences. No, I mean 4 sentences...5, nevermind I quit counting.

Spam is used by Hawaiians for making Hawaiian sushi. It is also eaten for breakfast by Vikings as their very favorite breakfast food at the House of SPAMcakes. It is their secondmost favorite thing in the world, next to singing, since singing can also be done while looting villages and ravishing maidens.

For more information on spam, see: Salt


Bubs[edit | edit source]

Bubs is a fat monkey who LOVES CASH? Peoplez thinke he is a thing, he is my autoMatic Grandma he loves Pac-mans Grandma. He also likes something. BLUBBER!! and Plastic. hes awesomez. he runz over my grandma. O rly

Forum talk:Wanton Cartoon Barons[edit | edit source]

how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

Throw pillows[edit | edit source]

See here.

Accurate and also Sincere Car Stereo Reviews[edit | edit source]

See here.

File talk:Chicken of the sea.png[edit | edit source]

Woodmorappe, The Mythology of Modern Dating Methods.Note: your mileage may vary.For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser.This book was a labor of love for me to produce and make public. I poured my heart and soul into it. If you are looking to improve with women online or off, you should check it out - Its already helped a lot of guys around the world improve with women!December, 1995; Special Publication 54 of the Society for Sedimentary Geology. Currently out of print, but may be available through the society.We do not hide the fact if she has children or not.

Forum talk:Subtle explosions[edit | edit source]

dyfnj, 49874, cymbalta day 1 cymbalta dangerous drug us - cymbalta day night

From the diary of a cymbalta addict?

Forum talk:Cordially inviting the administrators to lock themselves in a small room and adress the terribly pressing concern in which several of the users want a new admin to join the ranks[edit | edit source]

Do you like the bags, i'm very fan with the beautiful bags, if you also like, Click here go to see it.

QD Reason: I like the bags. I like whacking them.

From Forum talk:Articulartastic Ministry for Articles[edit | edit source]

The lady, several way the masses nationwide, minimal of a good portion types were already believing that mercado livre consists of been unable. That will be absolute moose guiness. What has neglected mercado livre brinquedos is almost certainly very own forerunners might just have usurped the basics about mercado livre creating a poor and as well as livre the relationship accompanied by Selection Outside and Big Business concern.

The thing, huge organization yet Outlet Freeway do not need assistance from administration to help make additional, may beneficial beforehand with using articles, and furthermore, as they've been so great also competing they never need the supplemental help of crony capitalism. Yet still you can be confident mercado livre as well as a costless market capitalism won't be the same. Last month I pointed out this fact a great associate, and that he reminded me of a used mercado livre philosopher people who mercado livre livros talked about free-market capitalism inside truest type just isn't going to exist, and not has recently.

Many, surely practically exact, because it is much like most critical low, slightly difficult, nevertheless the shut down you the thought, a more when moves just about it's, leading to outstanding form groups. It really is theme quite easy to understand fully, accordingly there is not really explanation be unable to to help keep shoving closer to this can. It really understanding good for real organisations, but Beehives together with Ish Hls mercado livre perfumes importados seemingly work effectively under communism, on top of that chosen tasks information.

Still it, when my spouse and i run yet criticize capitalism, Write-up beg of yourself, please not only choose Business World as the crony capitalism without the benefit of identifying all the difference off our website free-market mercado livres that actually all bums off launched consider every single produces but cookware hits of a occupiers of these peanut collection in and around our planet Concert And you know that has surprising, infrequently I actually amuse professionally.

QD reason: How can you justify that Mercado Livre is moose Guinness?
Translation fail at its best.

From Talk:Monopoly[edit | edit source]

CratsBold text Agravated


When is what it is.

The Spambots' mad half hour[edit | edit source]

Well, mad half-day, really. I love how these articles seem to follow a common theme, as if the bots are telling a story spread over multiple articles. And talk pages.

Another Article[edit | edit source]

I love the new site!!! Good job PETER! And now you can reply to ppeloe! How awesome is that? I'm just gonna hang around here a lot now. It's tidier than my office desk.

Michelangelo[edit | edit source]

I would love to win a Barnes and Noble gift card. I've awylas used wordpress to run my blog. I think it's pretty good. My husband handles the tech stuff though. I just post things.

Sappho[edit | edit source]

I'm cmlpeloed to write something mean here just to see if I can still win, but I can't think of anything, haha. It's great how the Lord helps us adjust our thinking as we are more and more obedient to him. Anyway, I like the redesign. It's subtle enough to not frustrate those who detest change, yet changed enough to keep up with current technology trends. Have you considered making it wider?I also wanted to say thank you for your Honduras updates. I've been sharing these with many people and will continue to do so to encourage prayer. Praying someday I can tag along.- Jay

Template talk:Nonsense[edit | edit source]

Wow, 198 conemmts?! I think my record is 7!! Love the new blog. WordPress rocks and now Mr. Dobbs will comment more it's a win win situation.I am still trying to figure out how to add all of the widgets and still don't know how to link so you are ahead of my game!Keep blogging, Trey!! I am trying to be more consistent just blogged today!Blessings, friend~

Ravenous Thing[edit | edit source]

On the good ship lollipop there's a bucket of sick.

Fanny Cradock[edit | edit source]

Fanny Cradock is cockney rhyming slang for a fishy vagina

Bangladesh-bistro[edit | edit source]

I need some sirious help in the bangladesh .

please inform me ht tp:// w ww.oncylopedia.or g/gebruiker:Pestppocku copy paste this in your browser

im desprate for help and please, this is no spamm

there is no-right claim at me standing help meee

Many thanks

Frederik Big.

See also Buy Some Dumb Stug, Pls Liek Kra, and Iwanabuyitnowdick.

Old revision on America (could be its own article eventually)[edit | edit source]

Cowbirds are a real problem in this day and age. Go and shoot them with whatever you can use, be it rocks, paper darts, AK-47s, or more dead cowbirds. They are a bunch of bastard birds. Also, be sure to check your bladder for when you need to pee. ;laknsrtl;ansfl;gn;lasntoiaosdngl;ansdf;lgtaosrntoiqnerpothqpiert8u347-53rut9-871rweogfp13894-h9qwhy09t8hqwrekth9qu4hgpob0-21743tr5q touhou pqo34utax,vnlqkwrhtkjhlajs;tgja;wrjfop