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Yes check.svg This page documents what purports to be Illogicopedia policy, as applied by the powers that be.

Ignore at your own risk, but be aware that, according to Admin laws, the Werewolves are open to bribery,
at least when the Police aren't looking. Quick, scatter!

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Back, vandals, back!

Oh no, vandals are assaulting this poor little article mercilessly! The werewolves have coated it in drywall so that it'll stop.
Reasoning, and when the ban will be lifted: When the Grand High Government of teh Intarwebz decrees it is time to

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Any article listed here is protected, to prevent it from those who wish to sandalise it on a regular basis. Basicly this is childline for articles, if an article is attacked by a big scary uncle then we come in, kick his arse and protect the poor thing from further harm.

The List of Protected Pages[edit | edit source]