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Back, vandals, back!

Oh no, vandals are assaulting this poor little article mercilessly! The werewolves have coated it in drywall so that it'll stop.
Reasoning, and when the ban will be lifted: Whenever this loser goes away

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“According to highly reputable ethical Christian God-fearing scientists, the universe is hundreds and hundreds of years old, there is strong fossil evidence of Jesasaurus rex, and Mountain Dew is the best soft drink ever!”

Hickipedia, a humourless, *hick* odourless, colourless, fruitless, cheeseless, *chug chug* souless, sselless noxious gas *hick* that *barf* floats from my gluteus maximus after eating several tins of baked bean wiki to wiki trying to advertise its last remaining grasp at humour. Unfortunately the humour it tries to convey (bless its heart) died so horrifically, and oh so many times on Encyclopedia Dramatica that whats left is merely just a skid mark on the underside of the internet's big bloomers. Often conveyed through the axis of vandalism, it at one time graced this wiki with its appearance. Spammed site-wide Written up enough times for us to get the message (how considerate) by a most sandle friendly and informative user by the name of AAH, it instantly caused great annoyance and was counter-striked found its home here.

What About Hickipedia the Site?[edit | edit source]

Hickipedia was recognized as a well established bastion of quality as soon as it staked it's claim on teh intarwebz. Despite being good as is, pest spray/fire/arsenic/atom bombs/72 virgin-ninjas can see to the further improvement of this remarkable place - as well as the use of pier pressure (pressuring pierre). Pierre's so amazing...

It's Really That Good?[edit | edit source]

No. It's an awful wiki, most likely (we're guessing) originating from ED; it that lasted 5 seconds. One of the d00ds there (the only d00d there in fact, "d00d" is me being nice) was our first sandal here on Illogic. So that's why every year, we eat vandals at Christmas.

Mangle Hickipedia's amphibious corpse![edit | edit source]

Unfortunately I cannot say what I would like to say about Hickipedia and its creator because I don't know how to do the thing with the black background that hides the letters (you can still see the letters by highlighting them).

Good thing some one figured out how to use the censor template

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