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Illogicopedia, and its (yet another) silence[edit]

by lol

Illogicopedia is dead as shite. like what the heck man.

Well, 👈 lol 👉's back, which can be a good sign. more edits. but yeah, except for that, Illogicopedia racks up about 10 edits per day. with low recent edit counts per each member. beh.

Basically: we need more edits. more active users which can rack up several dozen edits per day. this isn't some kind of Wikia. it's a respected, number one source for your daily dose of Bat Fuck illogics.

please wake up. let's try and revive this wiki once again, as we did in April 2017.

The Japanese Strikes![edit]

by lol

The japanese from Usopedia has arrived in horde. can we draw a Parallel with 2017? maybe, hopefully there's no Louis in japan. and hopefully they can rack up more edits.

Aerial Smash[edit]

by lol

hello i am hungry.