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"嘘(USO)" means truth in Japanese. A true red and white Japanese flag.

Usopedia is a piece of nonsense written in Japanese, and Japanese Uncyclopedians, who prefer blocking users to writing articles, believe that Usopedia is a concentration camp for Vandals blocked in Uncyclopedia.

However, it is growing rapidly because Uncyclopedians have purged too many non-vandal writers, not and never knowing that it was a huge mistake, and is a Illogicopedia's sister wiki in Japanese.

Well, but wait... Usopedians are indeed vandalists, because they write articles that are too humorous even for Uncyclopedians. They are philosophers pursuing nonsense and believing that nonsense is truth, as the very word "USO" in Japanese means "truth" in English.

A brief hilowstory[edit]

Usopedians believe that Usopedia was made in China, but it was actually made in Japan, originating from Yourpedia, which means, "You are the encyclopedia, and I don't serve any knowledge."

Usopedia used to be a software for Wii U, Usotendo's unpopular video game hardware, but it is now powered by Mario, and some a article is a written in a Italiano.


Some users are from the future, and are planning to go "back to the future." Among them are Doraemon, the notorious robot who came from the 22nd century, and is writing articles about nations in the future (currently don't exist), which could cause serious destruction in history. But nobody cares because Usopedia is a piece of nonsense.

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