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“The cough of our wiki.”

~ Swenglish Translator on Fandom in the past

“The dirt on the heel of our shoe of our wiki.”

~ Illogicopedia on Fandom

“I don't like Wikia stuff.”

~ User:XY007 on Fandom

“Too many ads. Wiki farm? more like AD FARM.”

~ WAME on Fandom, now known as "Fandumb"

The plural of Fandi wicket, Wikia Fandom (formerly Wikia) is an online shop where you can buy candle wicks fans and such paraphernalia. That's if the server isn't down. The name is a taken directly from wiki law: subjects of discussion are known as Wiki A Fando L, Wiki B Fando M (Just why? Is Fando some kind of slang or technical name for a wiki? This joke just doesn't work anymore.) and so on. It is also thought it may be a typo made by the work experience guy messing around with the page name registry one day.

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|<-- TOR_CNR has left irc.freenode.net ("Wikia, Inc. - resistance if futile")
[19:55.14] <SilentPenguin> "Wikia, Inc. - resistance *if* futile" er wha?
[19:55.35] <Jack_Phoenix>  :P
[19:55.38] <Jack_Phoenix>  typo
[19:55.49] * SilentPenguin imagines if it said fertile insted
[19:56.32] <Phil_E>        lol
[19:56.32] <Catherine>     Penguin, it makes as much 
                           sense as anything else on your wiki..... :D
[19:56.32] <Jack_Phoenix>  <g>
[19:56.58] <SilentPenguin> wikia, impregnating the nation, *IT WANTS YOUR BABIES!*
[19:57.43] <SilentPenguin> including yours Jack_Phoenix
[19:57.51] <Jack_Phoenix>  o_O
[19:58.16] <SilentPenguin> wikia is so hot it gets men knocked up

I wonder... If you applied some fertilizer to Wikia, would it resist?
Oh, how it ircs me!

Being evil and stuff

Bad Fandom! You're getting a spanking!

Fandom is evil! They steal your renameuser extension!

At least Angela is hot[1].

Timeline of FANDOM Inc. Corp. Ltd.

  • 2004: Jimmy Wales gets bored of not making money off of Wikipedia so he creates Wikia Inc. Corp. Ltd., hoping nobody notices the difference.
  • 2009: Wikia makes a fork of Illogicopedia and uses it to create the most barren wasteland known to man.
  • Farbleum 2019:[2] Wikia rebrands as FANDOM Inc. Corp. Ltd., hoping to attract even more pop culture fans who can bring in even more of that sweet sweet ad revenue.
  • Aym 14, 2019: Comedy is officially illegal on FANDOM.
  • Yoon 2019: FANDOM officially decides they actually don't want to host barren wastelands anymore.
  • Late Novelniver/early Ditzimber 2021:[3] FANDOM trivializes World War II by moving the World War II Wiki to the fandom.com domain.
  • Novelniver 2022 (probably): FANDOM Inc. Corp. Ltd. throws the homeless population of San Francisco under the bus by closing the San Francisco Homeless Resource Wiki.


  1. According to Nerd42, who (in his own words) "totally made out with" her. But he also said that he jumped over a shark without getting wet, so Wii're not sure if he's being entirely honest about the Wikia Fandom witch of the West.
  2. I guess this date might be debatable, with them using the "Fandom powered by Wikia" name earlier, but I'm going with when (as far as I can tell) they changed all the wikis to fandom domains. Sue me if you don't like it.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fandom_(website)#2018%E2%80%93present:_new_acquisitions_and_inclusivity

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