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“The cough of our wiki.”

~ Swenglish Translator on Wikia in the past

“The dirt on the heel of our shoe of our wiki.”

~ Illogicopedia on Wikia

“I don't like Wikia stuff.”

~ User:XY007 on Wikia

The plural of wicket, Wikia is an online shop where you can buy candle wicks and such paraphernalia. That's if the server isn't down. The name is a taken directly from wiki law: subjects of discussion are known as Wiki A, Wiki B and so on. It is also thought it may be a typo made by the work experience guy messing around with the page name registry one day.

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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 


|<-- TOR_CNR has left irc.freenode.net ("Wikia, Inc. - resistance if futile")
[19:55.14] <SilentPenguin> "Wikia, Inc. - resistance *if* futile" er wha?
[19:55.35] <Jack_Phoenix>  :P
[19:55.38] <Jack_Phoenix>  typo
[19:55.49] * SilentPenguin imagines if it said fertile insted
[19:56.32] <Phil_E>        lol
[19:56.32] <Catherine>     Penguin, it makes as much 
                           sense as anything else on your wiki..... :D
[19:56.32] <Jack_Phoenix>  <g>
[19:56.58] <SilentPenguin> wikia, impregnating the nation, *IT WANTS YOUR BABIES!*
[19:57.43] <SilentPenguin> including yours Jack_Phoenix
[19:57.51] <Jack_Phoenix>  o_O
[19:58.16] <SilentPenguin> wikia is so hot it gets men knocked up

I wonder... If you applied some fertilizer to Wikia, would it resist?
Oh, how it ircs me!

Being evil and stuff[edit]

Bad Wikia! You're getting a spanking!

Wikia is evil! They steal your renameuser extension!

At least Angela is hot[1].


  1. According to Nerd42, who (in his own words) "totally made out with" her. But he also said that he jumped over a shark without getting wet, so Wii're not sure if he's being entirely honest about the Wikia witch of the West.

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