Illogicopedia Offices Professionalism Seminar

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Hello everyone. This is the yearly professionalism seminar for Illogicopedia. There are three things to remember.

Number One - No Inter-Office Relationships[edit]

A very obvious rule. Very unlikely to be broken considering that Illogicopedia is an interweb sausage fest. The only way to break this rule is if you're a certain user or if you for some odd reason take a liking to one of the few Illogicopedians of the female gender.

Number Two - No Racism[edit]

Though nearly everyone on this site is white except for I think like one person, many think this rule shouldn't exist. WRONG! This is not E.D. though some users may have it. Phrases like, "Stupid nigga", "Fuckin' chink", and "Don't go swimmin' crackaz, you go'n get soggy!" will not be tolerated.

Number Three - No Obscenities[edit]

No one wants to see your wang. Nor do they want to see a cock depicted as an animal. No pornography or sex tape-filming in the Illogicopedia Offices.

If you obey these three rules you will be well on your way to not getting any, not being funny, nor being able to fop.

Good day now.