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now this is how collab work should be done :D

WOO, VAGINA!! ttly.

oh yeah, this is awesome, like, isnt this kinda breaking policy though?


its like i fell into your computer

haha, its like that diary in harry potter, she totally stole our idea

she had j r r tolkien requesting assistance


to anyone reading this, im not crazy, said the barking mad eyebrow to the anaemic dog

nice spelling check nub :P

Yeah, you get it when you dont use Mirco$ofts browsers



i think we havent mentions the boobies in nearly long enough of the time in which 3 children have died from tea cozies

easily fixed


Think we need a piciture of some bresticles?

most definate like

cule, i think there might be one nocking about in ?pedia alredia


Pwarh, mmm

dont look kiddies!

we done?


i think so

how about some orgasmic moans

mmm, tempting, but it might push it over the edge into soft porn

how about some regular maons...fuel is too expensive!

now that would just be weird

no, we got it

its good

awesome, lets preview the crappest article ever

there's something missing care to elaborate?

nah, cant be bothered


Teh Awesome

awesome n00b xD

yeah, you wish i where a newb

that way i could pwn you at stuff

sadly you dont now

not much pr0nz in this article

well, i think nerd42 wont be best impressed by too much of the old brests

but, think of the children! the ones that like bewbs...

they always have gooegles