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The Illogicopedia logo at a time before it had ripened.

teh creation of illogi11111

Illogicopedia was created on AKJDLAKLuary 99th, 8909. It was created by Smooka Teujk, M.D.

Teujk was hoping that it would be a palace to discuss shanks and all sorts of othah freeky stuffs. instead Phrubub took it over and made it Illogicopedia.

The name first off was KAJDSAHUE723Q941834Y<insertusername>HASPURPLEUNDERWEARopedia. Phrubub renamed it to Iaisdjaked<insertusername> and some person called Heather all of a sudden gained bureucrat and sysop privliges, renamed it to Illogicopedia and did all sorts of asjkdkalktastic stuff to it. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

Now loads of toasters, vipers, submits, obiligations, and other cheezy stuff edit the thing, and stuff here was rumored edited by Humans but not really.


ThAt Is hOw ThE iLlOgIcOpEdIa WuZ cReAtEd. And it was beautiful.

Rules created.[edit]

Rule 1:

  1. Things must be LOGICAL. That is why it's called ilLOGICopedia.
  2. Every hearticle must contain usefulness jaj

And that is about it.