Jiminy Cricket

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“By Yiminy!! It's an article!!! An article it is!!!!!”

~ Jiminy


Jiminy Cricket came from a family of cricket bats. He was only 8 when they were bombed, and his parents died, leaving him as the inheritor of a large fortune of money and cricket balls.

Until one day, when his old so-called uncle from the lands of COWWWWSSSS! whose name was Coont Oolaf, tried to steal his banana-huge money and cricket balls-vat of something dash dot dot this is Morse code.

He tried to tie Jiminy's car to a train but they were carried along to Russia.

So in the end, no one wins, except some dude in a cricket match, some real fat dude.

And by yiminy, that's a yiminy!

Yiminy it is....indeed.