Jimmy can crack corn but I don't care

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See us on them award shows, we're like (Oh yeah)
Can we get more of those, they're like (Oh yeah)
See us keep blowing up, we're like (Oh yeah)
See Jimmy can crack corn but I don't care
See me in the videos, I'm like (Oh yeah)
See me right up close, you're like (Oh Em)
And where is D12 at, they like (We over here)
And where the f*** we going, we're like (No where)

This archaic text (from the Re-Up by Eminem with 50 Cent, of course) is one that has been passed down through generations of many families. The original transcript of this text, carved on one of Britney Spears' teeth by an un-named primitive caveman was recently sold on Amazon for £931,400 (none of that failed American stuff here).

The text originated in -9001/0 BC when a caveman from the primitive Soviet Union of Czevcks... Czesky... Czavska... something Russian spraypainted it on a wall outside school. After such an event, everyone died but luckily Chuck Norris was there to help us somehow. After that, I ate some toast and listened to Naeara, then continued writing this article.

The text became well known after Prince PersiaDude296 copy-pasted it onto King Henry VIII's back in the form of a Post-It Note. Shortly after, Prince PD296 died a painful death after being made to sit through the worst thing ever, and the legacy of the Post-It Note prank was passed down to his son, xPokemonSapphir3Hacker09x.

His son used this ability well, taping the lyrics to the back of every unsuspecting idiot who dared to walk by. The lyrics slowly spread throughout society and were later added to the Bible under "MISC". Another player rose to the scene at this point: xS0lidM4dB0iJ3sus. Unfortunately, Jesus was a recruit grade 2 with n00b armour. He actually tried to kill xPSH09x with a gravity hammer from, like, 3 feet away. Screaming the lyrics down his headset at the other players got him kicked from the game.

This is a title with two equals instead of one because that's what I do[edit]

After this apparent controversy, the team disbanded. The text was considered the cause of this sudden break-up and all copies were burned. Anyone caught speaking the words would die painfully all over the ceiling because I said so.