Legendarny Smak

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“This truly is a legendary snack”

~ Adam West on Legendarny Smak

“Feel the full force of my legendary Smakdown! Chomp...”

~ Olska Polska, Polish wrestler

“I'll give you £5 for 10 grams”

~ Druggie on Lengendary smack

Legendarny Smak, sometimes known as Legendary Smak, is the snack you can smack (your lips with)! It's legendary for its cheesiness and potatoeyness all across Europe and it's coming to a supermarket near you, very soon.

The taste test[edit]

According to a poll of 100 people* 100% of people prefer Legendarny Smak to other popular brands such as Walkers and Golden Wonder.

*Number rounded up to nearest hundred. Actual number polled: 1

Er, just to clear something up[edit]

It isn't narcotic unless you buy it from us.

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