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*Badass baseline*

I am intr--Drat, wrong advert. Wiseau Wiseau Wiseau.

Liberty Mutual presents a story about Nanalan's peepo. It's Nanalan's 80th samado, and you've locked her snudder mado in the cushie. Don't worry, this is an LSD-induced nightmare. You have nose, and shoosh is on the way. Shoosh arrives just in time to get the snudder mado out of the cushie, and Nanalan even TOOK THE P E E P O.

WISEAU! Tookthepeepo.


I'm not even, but I'm gonna need a gallon of new hydrating Volvic Revive for my eyes and some gasoline and matches for that damn marimba.

But at least $509 or more would be nice.]]