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“What's a living room?”

A living room is a room that is alive. How this can be is easily and commonly understood (as opposed to overstood). Hence, no need to explain it.

Usage as rooms[edit | edit source]

People commonly build living rooms into their houses, trapping them there for life. And they don't even ask the poor creatures for their consent! Bastards.

Not only that, but afterwards they place their stuff inside the living room and act like they own it! It's outrageous! Just how cruel can people get!?

The revenge![edit | edit source]

Occasionally, some evil person spending a lot of time in a living room will suddenly dissolve. Not too strange, really - I mean, they were inside the poor creature's stomach, for Lightbulb's sake! (oh, do not get me started on lightbulbs. that's even worse!) Living room activists worldwide applaud this rightful revenge on part of the living rooms and hope that they, trapped as they are, may atleast enjoy a well-nurtured life.

Good day.