Monster in the closet

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The monster in the closet is an infamous fright of the night (eek rhyming rhy bread), but I am about to reveal what might be a BIG shock. The monster in the closet is actually... Mel Gibson.

How can this be?[edit]

Many of you will ask "Why is he (Mel Gibson a he... possible!) in my closet?." Well thats a bad question. A better question is "Is he in every closet in the world?" I will answer that question.

Not the Answer To the Question[edit]

You don't have to read this, it isn't the answer.

The Answer To the Question[edit]

The answer is yes he is in everyone's closet at the same time. You may try this trick yourself but it wont work because you don't have a nuclear waste farm like Mel Gibson has.

How To Get Rid of Mel Gibson[edit]

Steal his nuclear waste.

Or sic Michael Jackson on him. Either way, he'll "come out of the closet" and then everyone will know he's unholy. Toodles!


“If what you call nuclear waste is what I call planting my avocado seeds in the backyard, then yes, I have nuclear waste but it's in fact merely an avocado. How would you feel if what you call eating an avocado, I called a nuclear waste digestion? Would you then stop eating your nuclear waste, which avocados are not. Nobody can be in that many closets at the same time!”

~ Mel Gibson refuses to take responsibility for his crimes