Monster in the closet

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The monster in the closet is an infamous fright of the night (eek rhyming rhy bread), but I am about to reveal what might be a BIG shock. The monster in the closet is actually... Mel Gibson.

How can this be?[edit | edit source]

Many of you will ask "Why is he (Mel Gibson a he... possible!) in my closet?." Well thats a bad question. A better question is "Is he in every closet in the world?" I will answer that question.

Not the Answer To the Question[edit | edit source]

You don't have to read this, it isn't the answer.

The Answer To the Question[edit | edit source]

The answer is yes he is in everyone's closet at the same time. You may try this trick yourself but it wont work because you don't have a nuclear waste farm like Mel Gibson has.

How To Get Rid of Mel Gibson[edit | edit source]

Steal his nuclear waste.

Or sic Michael Jackson on him. Either way, he'll "come out of the closet" and then everyone will know he's unholy. Toodles!

Comments[edit | edit source]

“If what you call nuclear waste is what I call planting my avocado seeds in the backyard, then yes, I have nuclear waste but it's in fact merely an avocado. How would you feel if what you call eating an avocado, I called a nuclear waste digestion? Would you then stop eating your nuclear waste, which avocados are not. Nobody can be in that many closets at the same time!”

~ Mel Gibson refuses to take responsibility for his crimes