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“Cold, Hearted Orb That Rules The Night. Removes the Colors From Our Sight. What Red Is Grey And Yellow White. But We Decide Which Is Right...And Which Is An Illusion”

~ From The Day Begins and Late Lament

The Moody Blues are known as one of the most known Prog-Rock Band next to Yes and Genesis.

The Blues Years[edit]

In 1964, The Moody Blues were just called The Blues and it had Denny Laine on guitar and Penny Marshall (Not that Penny Marshall) on bass. They played on Ed Sullivan with their hit "Go Now" four times in a row!

In 1966, both Penny Marshall and Denny Laine got married, Penny was called Penny Laine and The Beatles made a song about her.

The Moody Years[edit]

In 1967, The Blues would recruit two Unitarian Priests named John Lodge and Justin Hayward to replace Penny Laine and Denny Laine since they didn't allow married couples in their band.

The Blues tried to play the blues, but it didn't work much since Hayward wasn't a Blues person, so they changed their format and their name The Moodies. This didn't help out much so they combined The Moodies and The Blues and they called themselves The Moody Blues.

Between 1967 and 1972, they relied on their Mellotron to give them the power to rock. But once the Mellotron broke when they were in Cleveland (It caught on fire), The Moody Blues broke-up.

They would be reunited in 1978 without the Mellotron, but still they had the power to rock.

Cold'-Hearted Orb That Rules The Night.

Removes The Color From Our Sight.

What Red Is Gray, and Yellow White.

But We Decide Which Is Roght...And Which Is An Illusion....

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