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“, apply directly to the liberal.”

~ Instructions on the label is a remarkable experiment in social psychology to determine just how far away from it's name that the actual meaning of some political term or idea can get without being exposed as an experiment in mind manipulation. Case in point: moving on is exactly the polar opposite of what actually does. The name of the site was originally formed in attempts to minimize the impact of President Bill Clinton blatantly lying about sex in front of the entire world, as if being undeniably caught in a clear, intentional and blatant lie had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with integrity and competence as a ruler. It "moved on" at that point to adopt the opposite approach to anything the George W. Bush administration did. Any slip-up, lie, misrepresentation, scandal or even ambiguous statement during the eight years of Bush was not "moved on" from -- it was hung on to like your sister with those Twilight vampire books, re-analyzed, theorized about, linked with other events, linked to the Illuminati and otherwise continually played with obsessively to this day, like Star Trek fandom on steroids. It was only with the advent of God/Jesus becoming President (Barack Obama is God/Jesus. Everyone knows this. It said so on the news) that finally went back to it's original mission and told everyone they needed to just "move on" from all the scandals, lies, abuses of power, unethical activities etc.