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George W. Bush is the term for a fungal infection that originates below the large toe and when left untreated can wreak havoc on the entire body, eventually turning a person into an incompetent, raging asshole. The disease is normally treated and cured, but one unfortunate man by the name of Charles Dreadpop of Virginia became the first person to contract Acute George W. Bush Disease in late 1998. This illness occurs when the fungus is left untreated and spreads throughout the body until eventually the fungus takes control of the brain and all bodily functions, leaving it free to do as it pleases.

Symptoms include an aching urge for profitable war, the absence of a soul, no connection with humanity, and the strong support of Republicans.

WARNING: If left untreated for multiple terms, it can develop into Donald J. Trump, which is known to be fatal to brain function.

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