Mutant chickens will rule the world

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“Mutant chickens? Oh come on.”

~ André Breton on the subtleties of eloquence that have clearly been left out of this particular plot device

“They're Angry. They're Mutant. And This Time You're The Fry-Up!”

~ Strap Line

“I'm generically an area of noticeably less sun-damaged skin usually found where the bikini garments are worn upon the female form.”

~ Strap Line

Finger Fearsome Lickin' Leviathon-like Good Gargantuans!!!”

~ Colonel Kentucky Kenneth

“Yet another quote **sighs**”

~ Some Dude

“I am an excuse for a quote”

~ An Excuse For A Quote

Listen! The end is near! Mutant chickens will rule the world! Created in a lab, of course in Japan, the simple animals found nuclear waste! Upon eating the slime they grew laser eyes and spikes and teeth!

Middle[edit | edit source]

Soon they took over all major cities, state, and countries. They killed all the squirrels and had humans clean their toes! (Ewww.)

End[edit | edit source]

Colonel Sanders came and turned them into KFC.